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Laser Products

Laser Products

JK Lasers has a range of innovative laser products and process tools to suit the most demanding applications.

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Industrial lasers supplied by JK Lasers have been developed to operate 24/7 in the most harsh and demanding environments. Drawing on over 40 years' experience, JK Lasers class-leading range of Nd:YAG and fiber lasers require minimal maintenance and near zero downtime.

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Fiber Lasers are an an exciting and growing market in the world of industrial lasers. Our fiber lasers are up to ten times more energy efficient than traditional laser types. They are also more compact and require less routine maintenance.

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The OEM Fiber Laser range offers powers of 50W to 600W currently. These lasers combine single-mode beam quality, high efficiency and patented processing technologies in a small footprint.

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JK Lasers continues to enhance its product portfolio with the introduction of high powered fiber lasers. Our multi-kiloWatt range is capable of providing exceptional levels of power and control for a variety of applications.

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Nd:YAG pulsed lasers are suited to laser cutting, welding and drilling applications. Pulsed lasers are able to deliver small and precisely controlled amounts of energy to the workpiece whilst achieving minimal Heat Affect Zone (HAZ) during micro welding and cutting processing.

Nd:YAG CW lasers are the established technology for shop floor reliability and ease of use. Our lasers can be supplied with patented Luminatorâ„¢ fiber delivery options and process tools, ensuring safe and reliable 3D manipulation of the laser beam and high performance at the workpiece.

The JK System 5000 is a flexible workstation that can be integrated with JK Fiber and Nd:YAG lasers. Its customisable options make it a highly versatile solution for many industrial welding, cutting and drilling applications.

The JK Lasers range offers customers a high power and flexible delivery system, making them an ideal choice for laser cutting, welding and drilling applications.

The Spectron range of lamp pumped Continuous Wave(CW) Q-switched lasers are specifically designed for laser marking and engraving applications.

Gas lasers are high performance, low maintenance and highly reliable industrial tools. Their specific properties - using speciality gases as a lasing medium - qualify them for very specialised industrial materials processing applications.