About us

A global developer and manufacturer of industrial lasers, JK Lasers provides innovative laser processing solutions for the medical device, aerospace, automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries. Drawing on over 40 years' experience, we help customers select the most suitable lasers for their welding, cutting and drilling requirements.

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Innovative Products

Our reliable, robust product range includes:

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Software Solutions

We aim to deliver a single integrated solution comprising both hardware and software. With the laser, beam delivery system, process tools and control unit all developed and produced by JK Lasers, integration problems are eliminated.

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Manufacturers have full control of their laser using the JK™ Laser Graphical User Interface - LaserView™ SE or FiberView. Features include:

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  • Integrated process vision when used with CCTV equipped process tools;
  • Windows-style help menu;
  • Pulse stability measurement;
  • Simple integration into work processing systems.

Patented Technology

When welding or drilling, 80 - 90% of the laser’s light can be reflected onto the fibers, potentially causing damage. Our patented back reflection technology allows the user to process

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highly reflective materials at full power without back reflection harming the equipment or fiber optics.

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Our unique Luminator™ technology channels reflect light away from the fibers via a capillary tube.

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Applications Laboratory Support

Choosing the correct laser for your specific processing application can seem like a daunting task. You might have many questions, such as:

  • Is my process possible with a laser?
  • Is a laser the most appropriate technology to use?
  • Which is the best laser for me?

Our expert in-house applications team will identify which JK™ laser will meet your requirements before calculating the optimum parameters and set-up for the process. You can rest assured that integration into your own system will be extremely straightforward. We offer:

  • Fully equipped laboratories for process development and proof of principle;
  • A comprehensive database of completed applications work for reference;
  • An on-site metallurgy laboratory with the ability to section welds and provide micrographs;
  • Professional reports that recommend the most suitable laser and parameters for the application.

A Laser Manufacturer You Can Rely On

As a leading laser manufacturer, we recognise that finding a lasting laser solution is about more than answering your initial questions. That’s why our engineering, applications and support teams are on-hand to provide unbeatable levels of customer service, both before and after the purchase of your laser.